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I've gotten a couple different errors while trying to get the discovery scene to work. I imported the free Discovery Pack as well as the Editor SDK, but still doesn't seem to run in Unity! A coworker of mine has gotten it to work on her computer, but we can't identify what's different about our projects. I even uninstalled everything and tried again.


There's a verification error that shows up when I'm trying to play a particle effect in the General Scene:
[PKFX] Signature verification failed for fx Explosion_vrandFunction.pkfx

There might also be a problem with the pkmm file as it seems PointClickSpawn.Update() can't find it.

I've also gotten an error referring to Unity VR:
TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'UnityEngine.VR.VRSettings' from assembly 'PKFx-Runtime'.

Any help would be appreciated!
by sarahAvialaes (120 points)

1 Answer

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The plugin provided with the discovery pack was compiled for earlier versions but it should work up to 2017.1 after which VR.VRSettings got renamed, breaking binary compatibility.  
What version is you coworker running?

What do you mean by "the Editor SDK"?  
Did you modify any of the provided effect?  
Do you still have the PackFx directory in your StreamingAssets?

What's the exact error for the pkmm? There's nothing related to that in that script.  
Either way, you can rebuild the pkmm by clicking the "build meshes" button on the TestArea game object.

by Raphael (10.6k points)

We were able to get it to work by making sure to select the option to update the script API references on import. It's a pop up that comes up when you first import the package to Unity. I find I sometimes have to import it, close Unity, and try again in order to get it to work.

We also learned that you can't use any user created effects from the PopcornFX editor (which I was calling the SDK in my question) in the Discovery Pack, which is why I was getting a signature file error.

Thanks for your response Raphael! I didn't even know what the pkmm was when I first posted this so I wasn't even sure how to respond.