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I've seen some answers to this question previously, but the answers were focused on Unity/UE4. Is it possible in the Popcorn editor to have a semi-transparent mesh that is not using additive blending? It seems like this isn't possible as the mesh renderer only has a small selection of material types, but it seems crazy not to have this feature. I understand the various downsides to having alpha meshes (incorrect sorting etc), but it is necessary in order to achieve a lot of effects.


Chris Howe
asked by chrishowe (140 points)

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Yes, PopcornFX Renderer Mesh's default blending modes are only solid and additive.

Alpha Blend is not in the default list for Mesh particles because the trivial way to implement it is to depth-sort all triangles of all meshes, which, as you can imagine, can be very costly ! and also depends on the Game Engine.

But, PopcornFX Plugins have some ways to let you override the default particle Materials:

In Unreal Engine you can change the entire material by your own: https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/UE4/Class_PopcornFXEffect#Effect_Editor

In Unity you cannot change the blending mode (yet), but you can change the shader code: https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Custom_Shaders_(Unity_Plugin)

So, for example, if you set a Masked/AlphaCutoff material, you should be ok, because this "blending" actually usually writes depth, so it is sort-independent.

If you have a convex mesh, and disable double-sided surface, an AlphaBlend material might be able to work, but as we do not sort mesh instances either, there can still be artifacts.

answered by Jordan (14.6k points)