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Hi, I know that that the BillboardMode VelocitySpheroidalAlign Currently does not work with any of the Light related BillboardMaterials but I was wanting to know what are the plans for changing this? and if it's not anytime soo is there a way for me to work around it. This is for rain that will be following in a day-night cycle in Ue4.

by Jamesking96 (960 points)

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Hi James,

This has been fixed in PopcornFX v.1.12.3 patch for all axis aligned billboarding modes, the updated plugin will come out mid january (PopcornFX UE4 Plugin v1.8.0).

by HugoPKFX (16.7k points)
Oh hi Hugo,

I didn't realise it was fixed! I must have it set up wrong then, sorry my bad.

Edit: PopcornFX UE4 Plugin v1.8.0
You haven't missed anything we just didn't release the PopcornFX v1.12.3 patch yet, but it's going to be soon :)
Oh right, I'll keep an eye out for it.