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Hi all,

I know in the popcornFx editor there is an option to set the billboard renderer to AlphaBlend_Lighting, this lighting the particles. Can this be carried over to UE4? 


by Jamesking96 (960 points)
Hi James,

Indeed this is supposed to work, is that not the case on your end ?
You can check the UE4 plugin ContentExamples project, map called "09_Lighting", showcases different lighting modes
I assumed it should work but my particles with the render setting as AlphaBlend_Lighting just appear black in UE4 and in the editor it doesn't seem to be affected by the lights I add to the scene. Before anything else ill check out the content example and see if I've missed something
What is the BillboardingMode on the renderer ? Is it AxisAligned (Velocity/Capsule/Spheroidal) ?
If so, we just fixed that and it'll be released in next UE4/Unity plugin versions.
Currently the particles BillboardingMode is set to VelocitySpheroidalAlign so I'm assuming it will be fixed in the UE4 plugin v1.7.0, so what BillboardingMode needs to be set currently for this to work?

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So to answer to this question, the following BillboardingModes are not supported for lighting yet:

  • VelocityAxisAligned
  • VelocityCapsuleAligned
  • VelocitySpheroidalAligned
This has been fixed and will be released alongside PK-Editor v1.12.3.
by HugoPKFX (16.7k points)
Okay thanks for the heads up gives me more of a reason to update