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I'm currently trying to deploy an old project that implements PopcornFX, to UWP, and it currently loads to the point it first tries to load Popcorn, and then hangs, with memory exceptions to do with IL2CPP. Are there any specific settings we need to observe to enable this to run? As a side note, it runs perfectly fine thorough the editor.

We are currently using Popcorn Unity Plugin v2.9.

by peerssa (120 points)

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Hi peerssa,

UWP isn't currently supported by our Unity plugin and won't be for the remaining lifetime of v2.X.
This is due to dependencies on external libraries and windows APIs not compatible with WinRT.

However we are working on a UWP port for our next major version which is still in the works.
by Raphael (10.6k points)
Cheers for the quick response!

Is there any word on a timeline for the UWP compatible version? Thanks!
Hard to say. The port itself is based on the new version and neither are finished at this time so I'll play it safe and guesstimate an early 2018 release...