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I prepared a animation in 3dsmax, it look like this:

and when import to popcorn, it looks normal at first, but when I play the animtion, the position of the model seems wrong like this:

so waht's the problem?

by skatebill (190 points)

1 Answer

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are you using the latest version, which is v1.8.2.25908 ?
we fixed a bunch of FBX animation import problems in that release. So if you're not using that one, upgrading might solve the issue.

If you are indeed using the latest version, does it do this only with this animation or do you have other models/anims that exhibit this issue?
Ideally, could you send us an fbx showing the problem through the support email so that we might track the problem down on our side?

by Julien (35.3k points)
My Editor Version is
what is the support email address? I don't find it anywhere.
support at popcornfx dot com
sent,Hope you find this out.
yep, got it, looking into it, thanks :)
So, good news. This is fixed !
We'll send you a new build today.
Thanks for the report !
great! so fast