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How would you render popcornFxFX as UI elements on a local multiplayer game that features multiple cameras (maybe something like Maxime guessed first here: « Like an "effect1" showed only on camera1, and "effect2" showed only on camera2» on this topic : https://answers.popcornfx.com/1116/unity-multiple-cameras?show=1116#q1116) ?

I thought about different solutions, using layers (but not supported by popcornfx), rendertextures (overkill ?) or custom shaders with backface-culling but they all seem wrong to me so I don't know.

For now I use separate cameras with high "depth" (so it can be put on top of other cameras) whose only purpose is to render pkFXfx elements for the HUD. Each player has this type of camera and they are put somewhere far away on the scene, it was simple to setup but quite ugly too...

How would you do it ? (maybe I should ask on unity forums but I thought it may be to specific because of Pkfx, sorry for that).

by fabY (120 points)

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Hi there,
I assume you have other effects in your scene, otherwise you could have additional cameras culling everything and only have the rendering plugin component on those.

As-is, the only solution I can think of is the one you're already using.
In case it might be of any help, our rendering pipeline is described here : https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Rendering_Pipeline_(Unity_Plugin)#Unity_5.2.2B
by Raphael (10.6k points)