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I tried to import character + animation in popcornFX editor , So I build the fbx in popcorn, but I encountered an issue, the animation is not applied to the character in the viewport, I can see that the animation is present ( I can see its name and the timer running the animation), but the animation is not applied to my character ( still in Tpose )

Is this a know issue ?  or do I need to do something else.

Thanks for you time.
by frederic.fouque13 (150 points)

1 Answer

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In PopcornFX Editor, can you make sure in "Mesh Importer Settings" -> "Animation", "ImportAnimation" and "ImportSkeleton" are enabled, the re-launch "Build Assets from FBX" ?

If that didn't work, have you tried "General Content" > "Skeletal Animation" to look for your animation ?

by Jordan (14.6k points)