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I've been trying importing a file but maya can't read the file and says "unsupported file format"

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Is this a .pkfx file? if that's the case, indeed, maya can't read those.

The usual workflow for PopcornFX is:

Maya / photoshop > PopcornFX > Game engine

you'd use maya to create 3D meshes that will then be used by popcorn as mesh particles or emission/projection surfaces, then save your particle effect as a .pkfx, and import this .pkfx in the final game engine to play it back (UnrealEngine4, Unity, or a custom engine)

Why did you need to get the effect back into maya? perhaps there's another way to do what you had in mind?
by Julien (35.3k points)
I'm planning to use  popcornfx as an alternative of maya dynamics since it is really convenient and has smooth simulation. But if that's the case, sorry for me, but PopcornFx is really doing great! By the way, I do really appreciate your effort and time, Thank you!!
ah. well we have a prototype of an extension for the popcorn editor that allows you to playback effects and save the frames ondisk, to use later on in compositing.
you can import an alembic backdrop in PK-Editor and choose which camera to render the frames on.

if you're interested in joining the beta, you can drop us a mail on contact at popcornfx dot com.
as i understand - there is C++ in maya - and popcornfx- have SDK for it
But i cant understand - is it free or not?
Hey Julien! I know that this was answered a long time ago, but I am very interested in this beta. I am in the same situation as the original asker. I'm a student, and my film crew and I wanted to use the effects in our senior film. Love what you guys are doing with the software as a user of version 1 and 2 now. If there is any chance that we could use it in maya, I'd even pay if that's necessary.