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I'm using LODing in UE4 for models but I need to know if PopcornFx's particles have any way of LODing as some effects are attached to the models that LODing. It doesn't matter if it doesn't as I have an idea on how to "Fake" LODing via code but It would be a great help if PopcornFX already has it builtin.

Thanks for the help in advance.
by Jamesking96 (960 points)

1 Answer

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PopcornFX does not have "built-in" LOD.

But artists you can manually control the quality of effect (in number of particles, form, etc...) with Scripts, using Attributes computed from the Game Engine, or even directly with the camera positions for example ( https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Scripting_reference_1120#View ).

You'll can find simple "LOD with view function" in the "ReleaseHighlights" pack, "Particles/v1100/LOD..."

by Jordan (14.6k points)
That's what I suspected but I just wanted to check first. Thanks anyway.
Note that if you're using mesh renderers you can also do LOD by having multiple mesh descriptors in the renderer and using a MeshID particle-field that you change based on view.distance()