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I created what appeared to be a large fire in the PFX editor and when I brought it into unreal its the size of a matchsticks flame. I understand that units differ between the two applications which is something that should be handled in project setting since you can say hey Im going to use this effect for unreal. All that aside I cannot scale it manually by cranking the values in PFX because it will crash at the size Im working at. I need to know how to uniformly scale the entire effect in unreal just like a cascade effect.
by jdclark3d (150 points)

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Hi there,

Scaling effect is ignored when updating transforms. But it is possible, you'll just have tu use an attribute for that. Depending on what you're expecting, it will involve modifying timing, physics parameters, velocities, particles sizes, emission rate, etc.
Feel free to take a look at the "LOD.pkfx" in the "ReleaseHighlight" pack, freely downloadable from the editor. It is pretty much the same thing, but here, it is pluged in the layer script, and the particle change depending of it's relative camera position.

Let me know if this helped you,

by Maxime (5.4k points)
Thank you using an attribute multiplied against all the values worked perfectly.