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So basically what I'm trying to achieve is have my billboard Following around a circular path and oriented in a way that is as if it were wrapped around that path while facing out, displaying the image. I was almost able to get the desired effect by following (PopcornFX Quick Tips - Projection evolver youtube video) . Instead of a Sphere I used a Cylinder with no height, so that my Billboard was just following the circular shape. The Issue is that It is spawning my billboard in random locations on my Shape and will also not make a complete trip around my shape. I've also managed to get my billboard at least circling the way I wanted by using a Curve Sampler and also by using it as a Diffuse layer for a Mesh and importing a custom Anim Track. With those Methods I ran into issue getting my Billboard Orienting correctly on the Axis so that it looked like it was being wrapped around the Curve. But I just can't seem to figure out that small piece that I'm missing. Any help would be soo greatly appreciated, and I'll provide any more info you may need. Thanks!
by ixitimmyixi (180 points)

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Hi there,

Ok it seems you got a litlle bit far for what you wanna achieve.
First, you can spawn a particle on a shape the way you want, by building your own parametric coordinates (See buildPCoordSphere for instance) and then use those coordinates to sample the position on the desired shape.
Secondly, you can make a particule turning around a position using sin/cos fucntions in a script (in a localspace). I've linked you 2 images of the effect i just made, that shurely will help you making yours.
Finally, for the particle facing out the circular path, just use the billboard mode in PlanarAlignedQuad. Don't forget to fill AxisField and Axis2Field.

Let me know if this helped you.




by Maxime (5.4k points)
Thanks so much! I was able to get it working with the information you provided.
if your particle is invisible its probably because one of your AxisField or Axis2Field is equal float3(0, 0, 0). Like if your position is at (0, 0, 0)
I suggest you to follow some basic trigonimetric courses if you wanna create your own effect, it may be usefull.