Nvidia Simultaneous Multi Projection (SMP) support?

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Are there any plans to update the SDK to allow licensees to make use of PopcornFX in their titles which support the use of Nvidia's Pascal SMP that was introduced over a year ago?

The performance gains from SMP are fantastic, however the loss of PopcornFX is a difficult trade off.

I'm just curious to know if this is something on your radar, or if it is something you have no plans to implement support for.
asked Jul 11 by indy33cs

1 Answer

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This seems like an integration-specific optimization. Nothing in the PopcornFX SDK will stop you from implementing that. Also, this is part of the NVidia VRWorks SDKs which we do not have access to and that we cannot distribute with our SDK.

However, we can provide advanced support if you wish to implement that on your side.

Hope this helps,

answered Jul 21 by Paul (1,780 points)