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I am tired of using popcornfx with unity. The integration is just terrible. Here are some major problems I found.
1. I can't import something with a static mesh sampler inside unity as it won't display at all.

2. The effects don't scale with the unity transform scale which means to scale the effect I have to go back to popcorn fx to make it bigger or smaller and then reimport every time. That's just terrible for complex projects.

3. The effects can't be viewed in scene view which means if this is being setup in a complex scene. You have to hit play and move your camera manually to that location to view it.
4. The effects invert themselves sometime even if there are no postprocessing FX.

I feel cheated buying this. I thought the unity integration plugin would be far better than this and they charge 250$ for this! I would like a refund for my purchase but unfortunately there is no support email or phone for this company unless you spend a lot of money. Paying more money to offer basic support for a product that I spent 250$ on. That's just crap! If you don't address this issue and offer me a refund, I will shit talk your plugin all over the interner, reddit, unity asset store page, facebook pages etc.
by sanmn19 (150 points)

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1. This may be caused by an axis-system mismatch. Did you properly setup your PopcornFX project with a left-hand-Y-up axis system?

2. This is by design. Scaling particle effects is a non-trivial problem as it is unclear what a difference in scale might mean (change in emission rate? Particle size over time? What about the life duration of the particles?).
So yeah, it's up to the developer to implement attributes in their effects to control these aspects.

3. Indeed, this is a limitation due to Unity's native plugin interface in conjunction with the command buffers and the fact that we render our particles from the native side. 
We are currently working on a solution to move the rendering over to Unity's side, which should solve this problem.

4. See 1. 

Sorry to hear you feel cheated by our Unity plugin.
I'd like to point out that we do have a support email which can be found on all our packages pages on the asset store :It was here all along.

We do provide support for all our products via email or this answerhub, paid plans mainly guarantee short answer delays and dedicated time.
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase and the responsiveness of our free support and would like a refund, you can send us an email with your invoice number and we'll ask the asset store to issue one. No need for threats.


by Raphael (10.6k points)
Just to add something: the mesh samplers do not appear in the editor either. If a mesh sampler is shown in the editor, it means it is also set as a backdrop and will not be baked / exported with your FX, this is a totally normal behavior as PopcornFX is not meant to draw those meshes but only the particles.

Yes, what you're looking for is maybe mesh renderers, not mesh samplers, which are a different thing. A mesh sampler is used for example to spawn particles on the surface of the mesh, a mesh renderer is used to draw particles as meshes.
Thanks for the reply.

1. This maybe a mistake on my end.

2. The effect as a whole should be resized. That's the intended behavior. It is how Unity's inbuilt particle system behave and seems quite obvious for any gameobject to respect the transform scale component. If it respects transform rotate, why can't it respect transform scale?

3. I do not see such a feature in development anywhere in roadmap. https://trello.com/b/Z1q9xz72/popcornfx-roadmap . Until this feature is implemented, it  is pretty limited and time taken to tweak an effect will take 2-3x longer and this doesn't seem like something any indie studio can afford.

I couldn't find the support email initially. I have mailed your support team for a refund.
regarding #2, we know that's how Unity's FX system behaves, but doing that with popcorn is an order of magnitude more complex if we want to properly handle all the cases induced by having a very flexible system where the user can script whatever he/she likes, including size-related things, make them depend on scene queries, other particles, texture lookups, whatever. It's unfortunately not a simple matter of changing a "scale" value somewhere, and voila.
So for the time being, the safest way was to just let the user actually do what scaling the effect requires, through attributes.
But I totally agree that it's pretty tedious, you'll have to manually scale the spawn positions, the spawn velocities, create an acceleration field to scale gravity as well, scale the sizes, etc..

Another easier way is to scale the end positions and sizes given to the renderers, using a "DrawPosition" field different from the "Position" field used for simulation, and at the end of the evolver stack, just use a script evolver that does "DrawPosition = Position * Scale"
except that it only scales the rendering, not the sim, so if you have collisions enabled or other interactions they'll be done on the unscaled positions.

As for #3, this is not on the public roadmap, but it's being currently worked on, since a couple months now.
For effects visible in the scene viewports, we do have a working version, but it still needs some polishing before being released.
Here's a sneak-peek: http://i.imgur.com/5TbH7uM.jpg
I should add that this wasn't possible until very recently due to Unity's native-plugin API limitations.
That scene view rendering looks good. I'm assuming this will take at least a month or 2 to be released. Scaling is still a huge issue. I like the popcorn FX editor and wish it'd work but it's not there yet. Maybe in a year it'll be perfect but for this current project I cannot use it. I will purchase it again then if the reviews are good but for now I'll take refund.
That screenshot looks really cool, but you mention you needed 5.5 right.

This scene view rendering will not work with Unity 5.2? Any release date for this?
Hey snoche,
The version showcased in that screenshot relies on Unity API changes made in 5.6 and due to other smaller dependencies we're aiming for a 2017.1 minimal version.  
I can't give a release date but it's on track for an early 2018 release.
Thanks for the quick reply, I am looking forward to this.

Are you going to be able to play the particles without playing the game?
We may look into that for a following update, it used to require dirty editor hacks which is why it was never supported but that might have changed.