PopcornFX not showing up on some computers

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Hey, so I've just been doing some beta testing of a game I'm due to release soon and I've just noticed that the particles from popcornfx aren't appearing on some machines. I've never had an issue with it on mine but on others they just don't appear at all. I'm using Unity. I know this is very little to go on but I'm not sure how to resolve this issue. Any help in anything I can do to help resolve this would be very much appreciated.
asked Jun 21 by Fiachra (280 points)

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Hi Fiachra,

Do you have any log files at all from these machines?

It might be the visual C++ redistributable package missing (which prevents the plugin from loading), which can be downloaded from here : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
answered Jun 21 by Raphael (9,600 points)
Hey so I got a look at the dev console and the exception being thrown is "DllNotFoundException: PK-UnityPlugin" I should also point out that both machines are using windows 7.

Also I just installed the C++ redistributable package on the machine that is affected and it is still giving me the same exception.
Did you check if the PK-UnityPlugin.dll was actually present?  
If so, can you try running dependency walker on the dll and report back with the list of missing components (http://www.dependencywalker.com/)?