How can I pack PopcornFX resources for Unity3d DLC

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I read your topic
I am making a DLC containing a bunch of fx, and I have encountered a problem during the process. Would you kindly answer my question here?

As you know, each fx contains multiple resources, such as mesh, texture, config, etc. As a result, when a user downloads my DLC, he will have a very long list of files to download. I wonder if there is a way to pack all the files of one fx into one file?

I know that PopcornFX editor can export all files of one fx into one .pkkg file. Does PopcornFX (Unity plugin) support loading .pkkg file? If the answer is "no", is there a way to do so?

Thank you very much.

asked Jun 15 by Yemao

1 Answer

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Sadly, there is no way to load the .pkkg files into Unity.
But you could zip the files you want to download and unzip them to PersistentDataPath when downloaded.

Hope this helps

answered Jun 23 by Valentin (6,860 points)