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Greetings, are you planning to provide early access for the PopcornFx Editor on Linux? If not what is the current plan regarding an initial release? (weeks/months)

Many thanks in advance.
by intrepideer (150 points)

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Hi Leon,

The Linux and MacOsX versions of the editor are coming with PopcornFX v2.0, with beta planned for Q4 2017.
We have a beta shortlist for the various rounds of builds we'll send out, so we can queue you in there if you're interested (just drop us a mail at support _at_ popcornfx _dot_ com).
by Julien (32.7k points)
Hi Julien, thanks for the information... you have mail! ;-)

We'll mark this post as answered/complete once the "Beta" build is available.

Many thanks again.