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Hello ! PopcornFX people.

I'm experiencing an issue with scrolling textures on the ribbon renderer. I've included a test file for you to look at.

here is a link;


I'm wondering why the scrolling works in the ProjectileWorkingScrolling, but not working in the  ProjectileNonWorkingScrolling  emitter.

Our projectile meshes in-game will need ribbons created in the latter emitter type (no velocity trailing from the projectile mesh)

Am I missing something fundamental? I would appreciate your input guys :D.

As a Bonus question, I was wondering if there was a way of faking a velocity on a VelocityAxisAligned billboard so I can add a head to the NonScrolling ribbon emitter (similar to the one on the working scrolling one)?

Hope I've made sense and many thanks for your time.


by sthomson (310 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Stephen,

First of all, sorry for the reply delay :/
In case you didn't solve this already:

I took a look at your effect, and I'm not sure I see the problem.

Both layers appear to have their ribbons scrolling just fine. What do you not see that you expect to see?

Just in case it's that: your "ProjectileNonWorkingScrolling" layer has no initial velocity, no acceleration in the physics evolver, and no other properties (such as drag and a wind field) that would make the particles move, therefore they all appear at the same spot, producing zero-extent vectors for the ribbon segments, therefore no visual geometry for the ribbon, unless you move the spawner around by selecting the root "Spawner" folder and moving the gizmo in the viewport:

Could that be it?

Hope this helps,

by Julien (32.9k points)