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Has anyone got the UE4 plugin to work with VS 2017?  Getting compile errors... All my other plugins (even the ones that I've created) compile fine, but not PopcornFX.  Thanks!

by Michael (160 points)

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Hi Michael,

The PopcornFX SDK libraries have not been built for vs2017 yet. As the UE4 plugin links with those it s normal that it doesn't compile.

They only have been built with vs2015 right now.

It is now high priority to this date but we'll update this thread when we'll redist vs2017 libraries.
by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
Thanks for the update...!
Has this been updated to VS 2017 yet?
Hi Michael,

this is available since the v1.6.0: https://github.com/PopcornFX/UE4PopcornFXPlugin/releases/tag/v1.6.0

Thanks for your patience
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Hi Michael,

It's hard to tell where the problem really is from without more details.

Could you maybe send us your error logs so our team can help you solve the issue?

by Sam (340 points)
Hi.  I just wanted to know if the plugin has been tested with VS 2017... If your team has tested and it works fine, then I can do additional troubleshooting... Could you please verify that the plugin does compile with VS 2017?  Thanks!