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Hi, this might be discussed already... but

Is there any workaround to see PopcornFX inside "Scene Viewport" while playing the game?

I'm sure you can see PopcornFX's Effects inside "Game Viewport" via connecting PK_Fx_Rendering plugin to camera, but I would like to see PK FX inside "Scene View".

Any help or advice will be appreciated.
(I'm also very new to Unity... sorry if this is easy question...)

Thank you!
by KBTR (150 points)

1 Answer

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Actually it's not possible to see the PopcornFX's effects in the scene viewport.

It will be possible in a future update with the new rendering system but we don't have an ETA for now.
by Valentin (7.1k points)
Hi, Valentin

Thank you again for your quick reply, and it's is good to know it's not possible right now.

While I was making Effects using PopcornFX, I felt it might be easier to see it in other viewport(side,top,persp) rather than in actual Game Viewport. (for optimization)

Somehow I was trying to connect "PK_Fx_Rendering plugin" to scene viewport camera, but I could not do it. So I ended up asking here.

Would you mind to add this as feature request?

Thank you,
1 year and still no scene viewer? Is it ever coming?
KBTR> it's in the pipes, even though it's taking more time than expected (we've hit a bunch of walls that we managed to scale in the end but that slowed down the process quite a bit).
Paul posted a teaser screenshot here: http://answers.popcornfx.com/2076/horrible-unity-plugin-feel-like-i-wasted-money-on-this?show=2090#c2090