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I just got PopcornFX integrated into my Unity VR project via the Unity plugin Personal edition. I have done the basic setup according to the wiki and it is working, however when you are in VR, the effect renders per eye. Effectively doubling the effect, which looks very bad and effects performance greatly. What is the work around for this issue, or is there one?

I am using the HTC Vive and running Unity 5.5.0f3 Personal Edition with the latest version of  the PopcornFX editor and Unity plugin.
by Amanda (140 points)

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We've just updated the plugin to the version 2.9p4, you can download it in your account on the PopcornFx website.

It fixes the VR rendering issues.

Hope this helps !
by Valentin (7.1k points)
I am already using version 2.9p4 of the plugin. What I am trying to fix may not be an issue, so much as an oversight. Aesthetically the effect looks fine, but each eye in VR is a camera (technically) so the effect is rendered on each eye. So it looks like there are two emitters instead of one. Which creates a bizarre double vision effect for the user.
You could try to change the Billboarding mode of your renderer to see if there is one which best suits your needs.
You can find the list of the Billboarding modes here : http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/CParticleRenderer_Billboard