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I require your help to debug an effect.
On the editor everything works, the ray follows the target and the aspect is good : http://hpics.li/c057d0a

But in Unity the appearance is horrible and impossible to make the ray follow the target : http://hpics.li/d9c8250
How such a difference is possible between the editor and Unity?
I'm in Unity v5.4, plugin v2.9 and editor v1.10.7

For those who want to see how the effect is done here is the package : https://mega.nz/#!3dcmgIxQ!t5tqu7uk0VLNS2DB9Uwon42fhYHcjw1Ysy_D9ddx2vw


by Reivax (140 points)

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Hi Xavier,

You'll need to add some flavour of bloom or glow to your Unity camera (one is enabled by default in the PopcornFX editor, see here  to know more : http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Troubleshooting_(Unity_Plugin)#Effects_don.27t_look_the_same_as_in_the_PopcornFX_editor)

How do you specify the target? Through attributes?

by Raphael (10.6k points)
Thanks for your reply !

indeed I forgot to enable the HDR, some effets can work without...

Yes I use attributes for the target and the start point.
Ah yes, I didn't notice the attribute samplers in the editor screenshot.  
What seems to be the issue in Unity? Can you not change those samplers' positions?  
You might need to update to the latest version of the plugin (2.9p3) as we fixed several bugs affecting the sampler attributes since 2.9. However please note that doing so would require an editor update as well (to v1.11) and re-baking the effects.
I tried to update and rebake, but without result...
Even the effect given in this post, the target is not recognized : http://answers.popcornfx.com/1620/single-particle-seeking-target?show=1620#q1620
Ironically I can move the start pos in unity, but not the target while they are both attributes.
Ok so i took a deeper look at your effect.  
It seems you're using sampler attributes at evolve (for the trails in Layer_3) which isn't supported (at least not until v1.12).  
To work around that limitation I'd suggest either using regular float3 attributes or sampling the shapes in Layer_3's spawner script and storing the value in a field in both trails' spawner scripts like you do to inherit the color.
Nice it work!
With the regular float3 I can archive the same effect. With sampling the shapes in Layer_3's it works but there is a persistence on the laser beam.

thanks a lot for your help !