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Or to be more precise... I have imported the effect PopcornGlobe_01 from the GDC 2015 pack into a new project which i setup for the Unreal plugin (Left handed z up). It displays fine in the pfx editor but not when I import it into a blank level in my Unreal project. I have also added a new emitter/layer in the pfx editor which uses the shape sampler (sphere) as the position at spawn time just to debug that it's not a worldspace / units scale issue and the new particle emitter layer displays fine in the place i expect it in Unreal.

I'm just learning Popcorn by re-creating some of my favourite samples and converting them to UE - so I don't need this effect but just curious why it won't display in Unreal?

Does anyone know of anything that could cause the PopcornGobe_01 from GDC2015 pack to not display the 'map' layer in UE?

I have converted the .dds textures using the batch script and tool so don't think it's that.

I've also stripped out everything apart from the 'MainLandRoot' layer (well to be precise I have re-created that effect layer using all the same settings in a new project and it displays fine in the pfx editor but not in UE).

Any ideas or pointers I could try?


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Hi Sean,

Several issues occur here:

  • This effect wasn't created to be production ready but to show PopcornFX feature
  • It isn't axis system independant
  • It doesn't behave in localspace (Some layers write Position in worldspace meaning you'll have part of the effect at the world's origin once integrated)
  • It uses the texture sampling feature, which was temporarily disabled for UE >= 4.15 (We are working on that)
  • The effect uses ViewPosition/ViewOrientation which are deprecated, instead you can use view.position() and view.axisForward()
Texture sampling right now is manually disabled in PopcornFXPlatformCommon.cpp:114, feel free to uncomment those lines if you'd like to test it out anyway (this is unsafe, but if you really need to try out this effect in UE4 you can do it).
Localspace issues can be fixed, some might be tricky but it should be doable.
Hope this helps
by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
Great, thank you Hugo.

I don't need the effect, it's just a great effect with the DoF and I wanted to dissect it and see how it's created.

It sounds like I should be able to re-work it to get running in UE so I may do that as a learning challenge if I have an hour or 2 spare :)

Thanks again!