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HI, I have scene quite similar to the "CarTronBlue" from PK_Showcase_1.11

I need to import the effect in UE4 and make it simulate the shape of different meshes, so I create a global sampler shape attribute and link a Sampler Shape Actor in unreal, following the example of your tutorial here:


Theorically now it should all work, but the Evolver projection break everything. Seems like not matter which shape i use in the Sampler Shape Actor, it wil only use the one from the popcorn editor. I'm sure that it is the right problem because I imported the same effect without the projection evolver and it works.

Now, since I need the evolver projection to obtain the effect I whant, so I'm wondering:

How can I set the scene to make it work? Or if it isn't possible with the evolver projection, how can I emulate the evolver to have a similar result?

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This is due to the Attribute samplers not being available at particle evolve time (to this date v1.11):

The Projection evolver will project on a shape, this shape being an Attribute sampler instead of a classic sampler, it is just not implemented right now.

This feature is however coming very soon :)

Hope this helps.
by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
did it come,cause i think this is exactly why my particle ain't working and it's stuck in the 0,0,0 with the default mesh in it.
Edit:NVM turns out i need to use localspace to have the projection to work
Edit2:The projection would spawn in the correct place now with localspace but it will only sample the position from the default sample)