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Hello everybody.

Importing the particle cache using json,
I thought it was wonderfully simple and easy to use.
So I would like to establish a workflow using Houdini.

So there is a question,

I would like to know how to output animation data created by Houdini to popcornFX.
I tried both FBX and alembic so far but it did not work like the attached image.

output FBX with Houdini,
the animation data will be output separately.
Does animation not work in Popcorn FX due to this?

output alembic with Houdini,
I could read the animated mesh.
But, it was impossible to read in
Sampler and edit the material.

Please tell me how to import meshes that can also be applied to Sampler,
with animation also working on Popcorn FX.


· PopcornFX: 1.11.3

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1 Answer

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Thanks for the detailed description.

If you want to import an animated mesh that you will use as a shape sampler, then you need to:

  • Copy/Paste the .fbx file inside the PopcornFX project in any folder you like.
  • Double click this asset inside the PopcornFX Content Browser
  • Make sure "ImportAnimations" is checked under the "Animation" category and hit "BUILD" (This should import your animated mesh)
  • Now you can create an effect that references this animated mesh :)

Hope this helps

by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
Hugo, Thank you for your reply.
After all it is impossible to read FBX unless it is a single file.
Since houdini can not output a single FBX,
look for other methods.

Thank you very much.

※ This article uses the Google translation.
    I'm sorry in strange English.

you should be able to import several fbx files without any problem