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I have a CParticleSamplerCurve 4D working in PopcornFX Editor to change my particle colors over time.

I'd like to make that curve dynamic in Unreal 4.15 via a PopcornFXAttributeSamplerCurveActor.

I added one to my scene, child of the PopcornFX emitter. I set up the actor to be in Float4 dimension, no double curve, with a link to an Unreal Color Curve.

I manage to assign it to the curve field on the emitter (reference or name) but it does nothing (curve set to full red) at all as if the sampler was not working. I also tried in a blueprint via a name reference and it does not work either, I get a log saying that it's unable to find the sampler whereas it's there.

Can you confirm that 4D curve samplers are working on your side in Unreal 4.15 ? If so, how is it supposed to be setup ?

Curve attribute samplers won't be dynamic, you will need to use another curve sampler if you want to tweak the curve each frame (see http://answers.popcornfx.com/1865/how-can-use-popcorn-to-create-real-time-graph-of-sensor-values ).

How is your attribute sampler setup ?
i don't want it to be dynamic, it's just a static PopcornFXAttributeSamplerCurveActor in the scene referencing a static Unreal Color Curve in the contents, as shown in the popcornfx wiki.
None of them are modified at runtime, but it's not taken into account by the FX.

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your setup seems fine (especially if you followed the wiki).

Just to make sure your setup is correct you can download the Content Examples project containing a map called "05_AttributeSamplers" which contains an example with a 1D curve:

The only thing I think of which would make this fail would be if you sample the curve in an evolver script ?
This feature isn't implemented yet unfortunately. The only time when you can sample a curve right now (that is overriden as an attribute sampler) is during the particle's Spawner Script.
Hope this helps

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