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I'm posting a bug report, hope this is the right place to do it?

When modifying a float attribute default value, and just after then I modify the current value, all Editor windows and the Content browser freeze for an unlimited period of time (I don't get a whitened screen nor the "not responding" popup however). I'm so obliged to end task the editor.

It doesn't happen if I modify the current value first, and then modify the default one.

I'm experiencing this recurrent crash in the Effect Editor

I happened to me in some previous version of the editor too, as I'm using PKFX since one month now.

Not a critical issue but it's harsh to lose some work time. Hope you can fix it or put a warning sign ^^
by VBesson (120 points)

1 Answer

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Thanks for the report,
We'd definitely prefer fixing it than putting a warning sign !!
However, I can't reproduce the bug.

Here's what I tried, with

1- create a new basic effect (right-click New Asset > FX_Simple)
2- open the effect, click on the 'Create' button of the attributes panel, this creates a new 'float' attribute with min max enabled set to [0,1], and default value set to 0
3- click in the default value input box, type any value (for example, '0.5')
4- click in the value input box, type any value (for example, '0.2') OR just move the slider

And it appears to work fine. I also tried renaming the attribute before setting the values, and using the attribute in a script of the effect.

It would be very helpful if you could spot a repro-step. Are you using the attribute in the effect before setting the values? did you save the effect? does it do it always even with the most basic steps I described above?

If it appears with a speficific effect, can you please send us the effect on the support email? (support _at_ popcornfx _dot_ com)

Thanks !
by Julien (35.3k points)