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Unreal has a Time Dilation property for every emitter which makes it easy to scale the "play rate" of any effect.It also allows some neat slow motion effects. It seems that PopcornFX doesn't have such a property in the engine although the editor does have something like this. The only way seems to be to have some sorrt of Rate attribute an then make sure everything in the effect that uses time is affected by that attribute. That means a lot of time spent adjusting values, coding, figuring things out and debugging because of the number of edge cases involved.

Is there a better way? If not, we should have something like this!
by feanix (1.2k points)

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Hi feanix,

Yeah having a per-instance time scale is in the backlog somewhere, and doing this is currently a pain, as you have to manually scale every time-dependent value processed by any evolvers (scaling velocity by the time dilation factor, switching a constant accel in a physics evolver to a per-particle accel scaled by the time dilation factor squared, etc..)

This is something that'll most definitely be in pkfx v2, but we currently have no specific plans for it in v1.
v1.12 is currently in the pipes (spoilers: with attribute samplers at evolve :) ), maybe we can consider adding the feature there.

We'll take a look at how much time it would take us to implement this, and if we have the resources to, we'll do it.
If you want to discuss it more drop us a mail on support. (And if anyone needing this feature reads this, please send us a mail as well, or comment here)

Thanks !
by Julien (35.3k points)
I need this in Unity too.