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I have an attribute float3 three that adjusts the location of an attractor. In unreal using the same values doesn't give the same results nor does using values that are 1/100th of the size. What should be the right scale factor to use to get the same relative positions?
by feanix (1.2k points)

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Hi feanix,

1/100 th should be the proper scale factor indeed, as the base PopcornFX editor units are meters, and Unreal's are centimeters.

If you're setting this attribute from a blueprint, you don't have to scale it manually, there's a dedicated checkbox in the 'Set Attribute' function for when you're setting coordinates, see here:
the 'Apply Global Scale' checkbox.

What space are the coordinates passed in this float3 attribute in? worldspace ? relative to the effect instance ?
did you check you were using it in the popcornfx script in the correct space?

A spawn script's 'Eval' function works in localspace
A spawn script's 'PostEval' function works in worldspace
An evolve script inside a localspace evolver works in localspace
An evolve script not inside a localspace evolver works in worldspace
A layer script works in worldspace

Does this help?

by Julien (35.3k points)
Global scale works great, thanks!