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Is there  a way to make an effect start as if it had already been running for an arbitrary time? I need my smoke column to be already high in the sky and not take time to get there.
by feanix (1.2k points)

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there is no built-in warn feature right now, but depending on the effect you might be able to achieve this behavior.

You can have a look at Jordan's answer in the past: http://answers.popcornfx.com/813/pre-warm-effect?show=813#q813

by HugoPKFX (17.5k points)
Having a way to change the play rate of the effects in game might be a decent work around.

Jordan's method could work in some cases but only really for simple cases and even then it places a lot of burden on the artist to manually do something that's pretty standard to do in most particle systems.
Linking this here in case it's useful