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I seem to be having a particularly difficult time with 1.11 whereby any time I try to manipulate a curve in a field Evolver of FluxFunction the program crashes within seconds.  Things that seem to trigger the crash include, but are not limited to:

* Alt-clicking to create a new control point but not being exactly on the curve
* Attempting to move more than one control point at a time
* dragging a control point too quickly.

This is making the software close to unusable at the moment and unfortunately rolling back to 1.10 is not presently an option.
Here's what it says on crash:


when I try to debug Visual Studio gives me this:


So no file or link to the crash logs there.
Oh ok, it must depends of the windows version ?

You can also right-click on the process in the task manager and choose "Create dump file".
Thanks ! But I didn't receive it :)
Here is the mail address : support@popcornfx.com
Yeah it was 1 Gb!  Am putting a zipfile on Dropbox now, will mail the link

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The issue was caused by a cache path set to empty in the project settings.

It's fixed in the lastest patch of the editor version 1.11.3 available here :

by Valentin (7.1k points)