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I have been having a similar issue just using the SF_BlackHole effect in the SampleParticlesEditor (v1.10.2). I made sure that I had all the Unity scripts attached and baking setup in PopcornFX Editor.

The Problem:
I can see the blackhole, however some post effects are not being rendered such as distortion and the lighting being in front of black hole.  Is there anything I need to further configure in Unity or PopcornFX Editors to see these features?

Below are the versions I am using:
Popcorn FX Editor SDK: v1.11.0
Unity: v5.5.1f1
Unity Popcorn FX Plugin: v2.9
Oculus Rift CV1 SDK: v1.11 (using Oculus player camera instead of default Main Camera)

Thanks in advance!
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1 Answer

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Hi Andrew,

The PopcornFx plugin v2.9 isn't compatible with Unity 5.5, could you update to the lastest version available (actually v2.9p2) and try again ?
by Valentin (7.1k points)
I reimported my plugin v2.9p2 and am having the same issue.
- My camera has the attached PKFxRenderingPlugin.cs attached - PopcornFX plugin 2.9p2 for Unity 5.2 and up (Build
- My effect has the attached PKFxFX.cs - with SF_BlackHole.pkfx
Any suggestions, Are you able to reproduce it on your end?
I checked the effect in Unity and it's working.
But, the light renderers aren't implemented in the Unity plugin yet, so it's normal that you don't see the lighting being in front of black hole.
To see the distortion effect, you need to enable it in your PKFxRenderingPlugin component, there is a checkbox "Enable distortion" in the advanced settings of the component.