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I am completely new to popcornFx. I wanted to find out how expensive it is a run-time, or if that was too difficult to answer. Basically if my project mantra is 60fps is king, will actually be able use Popcorn and its plugins? How can I check metrics, and is it possible to optimize out some functions that maybe too heavy on the CPU or GPU?



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Hello Jon,

First of all, which engine are you using ? (Unity, UE4, custom.. etc ?)
PopcornFX is made for game, which means that it is optimize for them, and the CPU cost only depends on how heavy your effects are. The editor does have a bunch of tools to check runtime optimisation, such as the realtime profiler, or the performance budget indicators. Take a look at our overview page or main page to see the differents tools that you can use.

I hope you will find those informations usefull !


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