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Hi Popcorn Community, 

I have a little problem with Unity 5.5. I already set up my project with the right component on the camera and install the Popcorn Plugin.

I test the baking with an other FX from popcorn, import from a package (The Teleporter FX) and it's worked fine. Do I miss a part for creating a FX for Unity, like a checkbox or something to had before exporting my effects ? 

I  add screenshot for you to understand better my issues : 


Here the screen from my scene. We can see both effect, the Teleporter and my custom effect. I can both edit them and change values on custom attributes


When I press play, we can see the Teleporter FX working well, but mine not.


This is what my FX should like on Popcorn, with my Source and my Target. 

Can you guys help me for this ? 

by jordanjaminet (130 points)

2 Answers

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Hi Jordan,

What is your PopcornFX plugin version ? Do you have any error message ? It seems to be a baking issue.
Check out this page !! And see if you have correctly followed setup instructions. 


by Maxime (5.4k points)
Hi Maxime,

My version is 2.9.2 I guess. Also, I don't have any error message. I was also thinking about a baking issue, but I followed the correct setup instructions. It's worked for the teleport FX in the Popcorn pack, and did the same with my Fx, but didn't work.

If you want to know, my Unity scene was created before I made my Fx. I tried in a new blank Unity project, and it basically gave me the same render issue.

Did I miss something I should have do before baking my Fx ? Did the only things to check are in this screen ? http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/File:UnityPKFxBaking.png

Thank you for your time, Jordan.
Could you send me your packaged effect at mmarechal@persistant.fr ?
Any news about my effect ?
We are looking after this error. We will give you news as soon as we will be able to solve it.
Ok thank you for your time. Did the effect having the same issue with you ?
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Hi Jordan,

I checked your effect in Unity and everything seems to work.

But i see that you set your Positions in your evolver script, which set them in worldspace.
So your particles must be at the origin of the world in Unity.

If you want to set your positions in localspace in your evolver script, you need to put it in a "Localspace" evolver (http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/CParticleEvolver_Localspace)

Hope this helps

by Valentin (7.1k points)
Ok, it's seam to be working now. Unity render properly when it's on Local Space, that was it.

Unfortunatly, I have to do again my Fx, the logic seams to be different : http://imgur.com/kewDftn

But thank you for your help !