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Hi !

I have some troubles with exportation and importation in two different projects that are differently set in their Scene Axis System. One is Axis_LeftHand_Y_Up and the other is Axis_RightHand_Y_Up.

My problem is in the exportation of GDC2015 Project Butterflies particles (in RightHand). When I export and import it in my personnal project (in LeftHand), the butterflies obviously go backwards ! ^^'

How can I fix this please ?

Thank you.
by f.leger (200 points)

2 Answers

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Oh, got it!

Just needed to put a nVel in minus value. I guess it's enough.

But I still got a problem from those butteflies : they do have a tendency to.... kill themselves x)

I guess the butterfly particle has a normal detecting the ground and flying over a few centimeters above. But in my world, they fly on floating islands and have to stay on this island. If they don't have any ground under them, they dive into void...

Any idea please ?
by f.leger (200 points)
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You can change the Axis system of your PopcornFX project in the principal HUB (when you open the editor), by changing your project settings "Project > Scene > Axis System" 

Take also a look at float3suf/float3sfu functions : http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Scripting_reference_1100

The butterfly effect is made with several events, when they collide, they die and spawn an other butterfly that have are idle for some times, and then dies also, and trigger an other event that respawn a butterfly.
Look at the effect, and see also how the event system works : 


by Maxime (5.4k points)
Hi Maxime,

Thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately, my project already has many effects worked for my current Axis.
I found how to make them go the right way by putting a minus on nVel, a Velocity value I guess, in  the 2 moving states.

All right, just take note that usually, we have an Axis System per project, depending on wich engine you use (Unity, Unreal Engine, etc...).

I wish you a good continuation in your work.