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There are more issues with Atlas Builder (I have the one that came with editor patch 1.11.1).

I need to replace some images in my atlas but I need them to have a different name and when I drag and drop an image into images window it instead duplicated an existing sprite(usually the first one in the atlas).

Sometimes I want to add new sprites in between old ones and the same thing happens.

Importing an image puts it at the bottom of the list, I can drag and drop it in between sprites but that sometimes moves by mistake other sprites that I hover over which then messes up all the ids.

All this replacing existing images would be unnecessary if you could edit each sprites ID.

I'm currently stuck as what to do... I can't change the existing atlas properly and I can't go into each effect and change all of the IDs all over again because I have hundreds of them.

by Zheljka (720 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Zheljka,

I am not sure that I understand your issue. You should be able to reorder the images in the atlas as much as you want. I understand that you would prefer to directly edit the IDs of the atlas instead of modifying the order in which the images are packed, and indeed we will think about it while working on the next iteration of the atlas builder and simply allow the users to edit the sprite IDs, but this is not a short term priority for us.

Hope this helps,

by Paul (8k points)