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I would like to report a deeper issue with popcornfx particle effects where over the course of the past year there have been some "left over" code snippets inside new effects that have carried on from past versions.

The most annoying ones being textures that aren't used, that don't even exist inside the pk editor under any renderer, they just appear in the log while baking and cause errors later in unity.

The same happens with light renderers that aren't in the effect layer in pk editor, but can be seen when opened with the nodal editor or while baking.

It's causing a lot of errors, and the only way to delete them is to open in a text editor and just guest what to remove...and it rarely works.

And the other issue is...instead of using the text editor I thought it would be cleaner to delete those bits that appear as node in the node editor, but as soon as I try to delete any node the whole pk editor crashes.

If you need extra information or maybe screenshots to demonstrate I can upload sometime next week.
by Zheljka (720 points)

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Thanks for the report. Can you send us one such effect at support _at_ popcornfx _dot_ com please?
This most likely comes from an editor bug that doesn't properly cleanup some of the child nodes when deleting something, we'll take a look.
But fixing this won't help with the effects that already contain garbage nodes, so maybe we can add something that cleans the effects and removes any unused node.

Regarding the node editor, it's a very old viewer that has been unmaintained for years (and terminally broken when deleting stuff, as you have experienced), and has been kept in for a handful of users that used it to customize some very specific stuff that will not exist anymore in v2.0. It's not meant to be used at all, in fact it should either be entirely removed, or the menu items to open it should only appear if launching the editor with a specific command-line, for those 2 or 3 users I mentioned.
I'll submit the idea for an upcoming patch.

by Julien (35.3k points)