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It's understood that Attribute Samplers cannot be changed from Evolver State.

Sample images UV inside Spawner Script works great.
I can change images inside the Unity Editor and colors update accordingly.

Unfortunately it's not working for sampleDensity() !
This sampler method continue to use the default settings from the Popcorn editor.

Is there something I can do to change this behavior at runtime (other than using an Atlas) ?


Package of the particle FX (Basically the v190 SelectiveMovement example) :

by Michaël (180 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Michaël,

Unfortunately you can't use sampleDensity() at runtime with the Attribute Samplers because the density to sample is pre-built.

So no, to do that you should use an Atlas or multiple FXs.
by Valentin (7.1k points)