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I'm hoping you can provide some insight to this noob. How can I access PkFX attributes parameters through blueprint?  for example I have an effect that through attributes I can increase or decrease the number of particles.  I would like to use sensor data to change that parameter during game time.

Thanks in advance

by gbernal (340 points)

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You should find everything you need on the wiki:


At the end there is the SetAttribute and GetAttribute blueprint functions.
by jgalby (14.6k points)
Unfortunately, your wiki doesn't provide enough information as to how to go about getting the components in your plug in to work, it is  just a skim overview as to some of the components available. I had found the week and that is why I posted my question here......
Well, the lasts screenshots of the wiki seem self explanatory to me: You add a "SetAttribute" BP node, plug in your PopcornFX Emitter Component, set the attribute index (via FindAttributeIndex which find the index from the attribute name for you), set the type of the attribute, and plug the value you want to set it to.