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Per the features page, lit particles should be possible using a custom shader. http://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/Summary_of_the_Unity_Plugin%27s_Features

There doesn't seem to be any other info about this anywhere. Could you elaborate on this at all - is it worth pursuing? Are there any example vertex-lit shaders made which could be on the wiki? Any other tips that might help me get this capability? I did find the wiki tutorial to use custom shaders and can follow it, but my shader coding skills are quite weak to edit HLSL so I'm hoping to avoid it.

Our project is planned to have a lot of light and dark areas, flashlight usage, etc, so this is important to us. Thanks!
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First of all, sorry for the late answer.

You have a sample of custom shaders given with the plugin (Sample_CustomShader.unity). You will find more information about custom shaders here:


You will indeed have to code directly in HLSL, but it should not be that difficult. You will find a sample for lit particles in the Sample_CustomShader scene, the light computation is made in the fragment shader, but you should be able to easily move it to the vertex shader.

Hope this helps,
do not hesitate if you have any additional questions!


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