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Hi, we are working on a UE4 scene using Popcornfx but I've a problem.

I have a situation where a missile collide with a force shield and spawn particle (the shield is surrounded by invisibile particle but it's a mesh set as trigger)

Taking as example the pk_sphere project of your documentation I create and effetct that spawn particle when a "bullet" particle collide with the particle around the shield using a Spatial layer system.

Now, it's all working fine, but my programmer doesn't like to link the bullet particle to a mesh, he would prefer that the meshes of the missile work as trigger and spawn the particle without the bullet.

It's possible give a Spatial layer information to a mesh in UE4?

Or maybe a different way without using spatial layer at all?

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You cannot get/set Spatial layer information directly from UE. But you could create an invisible particle that do interact with the Spatial layer.

You can also look at broadcasted Events: they can be caught in blueprint with an event listener: https://wiki.popcornfx.com/index.php/UE4/EventListeners

You can also use Actors and Blueprint Overlap Event between your bullet, missile, and shield, to spawn a PopcornFX Emitter.
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