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I was going through your youtube channel and I came across this example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TOyxT4sJfo it look likeit was done a few versions ago but the result is amazing. can you please provide information as to how to go about recreating it. A tutorial would be even better.

by gbernal (340 points)

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you won't be able to achieve this exact same effect if you don't have a custom SDK integration unfortunately, and it would be considered a "hack". The reason for that is that particles are accessing the skinned mesh at evolve time, instead of at particle spawn, which means that in order to create such an FX correctly, it needs to rely on the Attributes Samplers at evolve feature (you can vote for it here https://trello.com/c/lY0zNHHb/55-attribute-samplers-at-evolve).

Right now, if you sample an attribute sampler at particle spawn, it works correctly, but if you try accessing this sample attribute sampler over the particle life (for example projection evolver, script evolver, ..), it'll fallback to the default shape in PopcornFX.

How this effect was created:

Particle spawn:

  • Sample parametric coords on the mesh
  • Sample uvs on the mesh by using the parametric coords
  • Sample the diffuse texture with the uvs to assign that as "ParticleColor" or something
  • Sample the vertex color by using the parametric coords, they define the time to "detach" from the mesh, so the mesh was gradient painted from white to black depending on body parts
  • ..

Particle evolve:

  • Lerp between the "detached" and "sticked" positions on the mesh, knowing that the detached one is computed by using turbulence and other forces
  • ..

You should be able to create a similar looking effect though, but it won't be possible right now to have particles stick exactly on the mesh.

Hope this helps.

by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)