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Just upgraded to Unity 5.5, as a test opened a new scene folder added a PFX Camera and PFX Effect and now no rendering occurs. The effect has a sound and I can hear it play. No errors out in the console. Anyone else having this problem?
by Anthony (180 points)
So running the examples you don't really see them. Though I encountered this graphics issue in the sample teleporter (image1)

The particles appear to be rendering in the model texture space. It's very bizarre, if I move the scene (image2) you can see the issue.



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Hi Anthony,

Unity 5.5 changed the graphics pipeline a bit, among other things, they reversed the depth buffer, so particles in DX11 will only render where they should not...

Anyway, this is already fixed and the update with the fix has been sent to the Asset Store where it's awaiting validation. Keep an eye out for v2.9p1.

by Raphael (10.6k points)
Just grabbed the latest, everything appears to be working again. Thank you and your team!