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After following the UE4 installation instructions, I get stuck on UE4 rebuilding the plugin.

The build starts and in the log I get:

PopcornFx SDK not found, continuing without...

and then:

MyProject could not be compiled.  Try rebuilding from source manually.


This is as far as I've gotten.  Using UE4 4.14.0.  Windows 10. Visual Studio 2015.
closed with the note: Solved. Downloaded without SDK. Found correct download.
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Did you follow the instructions detailed on that page here ?

Namely, if you're building from the git sources directly, did you download the released archive ?
copied/pasted from the page above:

  • You must have a C++ project, look here to convert a BP Project to C++
  • Inside your MyUE4Project/Plugins, git clone ... the Plugin, so you should have MyUE4Project/Plugins/UE4PopcornFXPlugin/
  • Download the lastest released archive
  • Extract only the folder UE4PopcornFXPlugin/PopcornFX/PopcornFX_Runtime_SDK to yourMyUE4Project/Plugins/UE4PopcornFXPlugin/PopcornFX/PopcornFX_Runtime_SDK
  • Regenreate your Project then Build and Launch !
The PopcornFX SDK is not on the git repository, it's in the latest released archive, so you need to download it even if you're building from the git repo.
Hope this helps,
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Thank you.