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I'm hoping you experts out there can shed some light on a novice here. I'm looking to integrate PopcornFX with a 3d rigged avatar control through a perceptual neuron mocap suit.  I have purchased the Unreal Engine plugin and I'm delighted by the visual of the particles in demo scene and I'm hoping to create dynamic avatars fully made from those particles .

After reading and have followed the tutorial on mesh sampling in the wiki. I imported a avatar from mixamo and Iclone but Popcorn editor hangs for many hours some time with no result and one time provided tetras but source triangles.

My question is is there a setup that you have tried successful and if you have can you be kind and provide me with some info or if  you have some pointers that I might have missed or things that I need to do before hand.

All help would be equally appreciated.



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by gbernal (340 points)
You mentioned tetras, are you trying to build mesh volume data from popcorn's mesh importer? or do you just want to sample the surface of the mesh?

Also, there's a gotcha with skinned meshes and attribute samplers in general (attribute samplers -> samplers that you can override per-instance in the game engine), which is that they can't be sampled at evolve (well, they can, but what will get sampled is the original sampler in the FX, not the one overriden in the engine, so you won't sample the proper skinned mesh)
This is a limitation that will go away eventually when we have time to implement it but currently we're stuck with that limitation.

Also, could you send us your .fbx on support _at_ popcornfx _dot_ com so we can take a look at it and make sure nothing's wrong.
Our example skinned meshes in the "ReleaseHighlights" package available from the project launcher were all exported from mixamo so there shouldn't be any problems there.
Thank you, this gave me a good direction. I had understood that you needed to create tetras in order to use custom meshes in PopcornFx