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I need some advice concerning a project.

I must use UE4 from there i'll be getting by OSC signals locations point.

Inside of my scene i have a popcornFX Emitter, that has two layers, one of atoms, and one of atoms attractors, the atom attractor has got a spatialLayer that is use in the atom script.

My objective would be to be able to either spawn a atom attractor at a given point, or move one attractor to this point.

I take any ideas, advices ! =)

Thx a lot.
by goulmy.val (150 points)

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You can create another effect containing only your "attractor" layer, if you have exactly same spatial layer with "Global" enabled in the two effects, then spatial layers will actually be the same once put in the same scene.

You take a look at our latest tutorial which covers this, and more (like how to setup the PopcornFX Editor to test both pkfx at once): https://youtu.be/EpTg78d7jXI
by Jordan (14.6k points)
Note: if you want to move around your pkfx "attractor" by moving the Emitter, don't forget to add a LocalSpace evolver if not already (see the Plasma Ball 2/2 tuto).
Thx a lot, the "global" tick for the spatial layer was the missing keypoint i needed ^^.