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Adding an image to the Atlas Builder which resides in a folder path containing spaces causes the path to the image to be stored in the ATL file's <ImagePath> element with '%20' instead of spaces.  Such files will not load back into the Atlas Builder as it complains it cannot find the image - manually converting the %20 to a space in the ATL file using notepad fixes the problem but it comes back as soon as the file is re-saved

For Example the folder structure:

\Project\My Atlas Folder\MyAtlas.atl

\Project\My Texture Folder\AtlasImage.png

will cause the <ImagePath> element to be "..\My%20Texture%20Folder\AtlasImage.png" which will not load back into the Atlas Builder.

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Indeed, for some reason it treated those paths as web URLs

I've uploaded a quick-fix here: http://www.popcornfx.com/downloads/updates/TEMP/AtlasBuilder.exe

Should work as expected, the fix will be in the next v1.10 patch

Thanks for the report !

by Julien (34.8k points)
Thank you for the rapid response and fix Julien.