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I have created an effect for a cinematic scene.  The effect has a blueprint and I have 4 copies of that effect+blueprint in the cinematic.  For some reason when you hit play the values I assigned to each effect revert to the default values for the original FX.  Am I missing a step?  I'd hate to have to make a separate effect for each spot.

In the picture, the left is before playing, the right is during play.  You can see the number reverts.  The blueprint only controls the "Density" value to activate/deactivate.
by midwinterdreams (1.2k points)

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Indeed, it looks like a bug. UE4 Sequencer is something we need to look into to make sure everything works fine, we'll look into it and fix this asap.

If you spot other bugs, feel free to use the issue tracker in github : https://github.com/PopcornFX/UE4PopcornFXPlugin/issues

Thank you.
by HugoPKFX (17.7k points)
Sounds good, I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong in Unreal or what.  The link to github gives me a 404 error.
It's because you need to be logged in with the github account that have access to the repository to access this page
I'm in the process of investigating potential issues with sequencer and animation tools inside UE4 and I cannot reproduce this for a while.
I'm wondering, what solution did you adopt, and are you still facing this problem ?
If so, I'll probably ask you more details.
Thank you