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does the current unity plugin support building for PS4 and Xbox platforms?

If not, are you planning on releasing plugins for these platforms at all in the future?

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Hi Ian,

We don't currently support those platforms with the Unity plugin, unfortunately.
The PopcornFX runtime libraries do run on PS4 and XBoxOne, but Unity's native plugin interface's implementation is missing some bits, so we are stuck.

We do want to release a plugin for consoles, though and are trying to unlock the situation with Unity.

by Raphael (10.6k points)
Hi Raphael,

Glad to here you are trying to work with Unity to unlock the situation. If at all possible, please let me know when you make any headway with the Unity plugin for those platforms. I'd be great to see Unity games using your effects on PS4 and XboxOne.
Hey Raphael,

I was just wondering if the release of Unity 5.2 provided any new opportunities for a PopcornFX PS4 / XBoxOne plugin? Or are you still trying to work out the implementation with Unity.

Raphael,  have you made any progress with Unity on getting PS4 and XboxOne runtimes?

We have been working on the PS4 Unity plugin and we found a workaround to make it work even with the missing bits from the Unity's native plugin interface, but it's still very experimental. We are currently interacting with Unity to see if they can do something on their side to simplify our implementation.
Concerning the Xbox One plugin, we have just started working on it and I cannot tell you yet how long it will take to have a functional version, but I'll keep you informed of our progress.