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The tutorials talk about using an environment tab to set up a backround. This feature seems to be gone, because the user interface has changed.

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On the "Particles Treeview" section, expand the Editor Properties, then Backdrop, then Right Click "3d Layers(Scene)", select New Backdrop, then CNEdEditorBackdrop_Model3D.

Refrence: http://i.imgur.com/yB146ns.png

In the section that just became visable, under General, select your model there.

Refrence: http://i.imgur.com/PtmwanI.png

If you accidentally closed any of these windows, you can reanble them from the "Layout > View" menu on the upper toolbar. You may have to untick and retick them (I think this is a bug).

I'm really new to popcorn so please excuse if this is misinformation:(
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